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Christ Second Coming II

What if HE is already here?
I think that MAYBE… New Agers are to Christians what Christians were to Jews. Jews weren’t prepared for a message of God coming from a dude who made SO many miracles and behaved in such an arrogant way (I know Jesus was modest, but he came saying he was the Son of God and giving himself a lot of importance, something that had never occurred in Judaism) that they just couldn’t accept that THAT was a message from God. Besides, rules changed, this guy didn’t say “you can’t eat pig meat” or “eye for an eye”; instead, he said “what’s bad is what comes out of your mouth, not what gets in” and “if you are slapped in one side, offer the other one”.
Humans from year 1500BC (Moises’s time) were not the same as from year 0; not only that: humanity was not the same. At the time of Jesus, the Western World was so much more united than 1500 years before that a religion for all humanity was something possible, and so Christianity could easily spread worldwide.
Now, an important data: Christianity was not officially accepted until fourth century when Rome “accepted” it. That is, there was no religious book, nor an officially and legal Church; so, in a sense, there was no Christianity, or at least it was “not spread enough”…
Christianity appeared in the same country as its older brother Judaism and then it spread to the known world.
And what is Christianity? In a few words, is like Judaism: love, unite people, trust and follow the Ultimate God. But, it adds freedom. Christians are no longer chained to a lot of useless rules like Jews, they don’t need to restrict their foods, nor do they have to cut their prepuce, nor do they confine their religion to one country; and the chains of ego, of the existence of “me” are also levered.
Now, let’s take a look at recent history.
Renaissance made a new kind of human… Let’s take DaVinci as an example: smart, strong, cultivated, without sexual taboos, with artistic skills, wise, with a lot of knowledge, doing a lot of things all at the same time, with engineering skills, caring about philosophy and religion (or spirituality, if you prefer) as well as flying and diving machines and math, etc. Along with DaVinci, a lot of other people had similar qualities. In a few words, Renaissance is the same as Christianity: it shows and spreads love through paintings and sculptures, it worships God by respecting the divine proportion, and it unites people by teaching all the values and ways of Renaissance’s thinking throughout Europe. Still, the most distinct quality I see is: freedom. Renaissance freed people from Catholicism, from Christianity. Martin Luther created “new Christianities”. People didn’t listen to the Pope any longer. The Earth was not flat anymore. Modern science started to grow…
And where did all of this happen? In Italy! The same country where the most wide spread Christianity has its Holy Place! It’s like Renaissance were some kind of younger brother of Christianity!
And about 300 years later or so (a similar amount of time as to that of “Christianity’s ascension”), a movement emerges: Theosophical Society, which tries to unite people across the world and free everyone from their closed point of view which defends a certain doctrine. Theosophists were people who tried to do a lot of stuff at the same time and were influenced by an inner strength similar to that of Renaissance. No one knows where it came from, not the one from Renaissance, nor the one from Theosophists. So, in a certain manner, Theosophists created an “official” Renaissance because it had “statements” and an “organization”. An as time passed, Theosophists evolved into New Age. In a few words, New Agers: bring love to the world, try to unite everyone, worship God and teach about liberation, liberation of our closed-mind points of view, whether is because of religion or science or culture.
Where was this Theosophical Society founded? In New York. United States is like the new Rome (as well as the new Babylon, but that’s another story :). United States has the same role in conquering the world and uniting cultures and imposing ONE way than that of his older brother Rome.
Don’t you see the patterns?
Christ came about 500 years ago! And now he is “institutionalizing”! Of course, most Christians won’t notice, as Jews didn’t. They are expecting for Christ to come the same way he did about 2000 years ago. They’ve always followed a book, and some rules which seem to be carved in stone (a similar position as that of Jews!). And they are expecting one man to make miracles and follow him, not a big group of humans who are “miraculous” just by rebelling against society and being more human, doing a lot of stuff at the same time, being rebels, trying to unite humanity in one belief which doesn’t care about individual religions or philosophies… Christians don’t seem prepared to “a different way of manifestation of Christ”.
People are different! A lot of time has passed since Christ came the first time! Rules are different! Humanity is older! Why would we have to be the same way as Christ said 2000 years ago? Why would he reveal in the same manner?
Finally, my idea is…
Until the coming of Renaissance-Theosophy-New Age, Christianity was the healthiest religion on Earth. It taught about love, freedom and God. What else does a religion needs to spread? Still, it tends to make us dependent on God, it doesn’t realize that God is all around us and we can learn from it directly and that WE can be divine, and it chains us to a superior being and puts us against other religions. New Agers teach about love, freedom and God. BUT, they free us COMPLETELY (mind, body, spirit, soul, conscience, etc.[in case there is “something else”]), open the doors to UNLIMITED love (not strained by love to Christ or love to a single “women/man of your life”, and some New Agers even tell you to love a stone :), show us who REALLY is God: EVERYTHING; that is, science, religions, the Universe with all its laws (gravity as well as cause-effect and phi ;), conscience, the human being as a unity, humanity as a whole, planet Earth, the Sun with its effects on us, past, present, future, love, etc.; and tell us that we can TOUCH God, we can be like him, we only have to CONNECT with it, to breath “him”, to understand “him”, to control “him”…
That being said, I think New Age has space for everyone. Non-believers can find proofs in “miraculous” healings and telepathic communication. Christians can find similarities between New Agers and Christ. Other religions might deduce that New Age is a better religion for them, since it doesn’t spread aggressiveness or imposition, and it opens the doors to Divine Knowledge (that should be more than enough! For a reasonable person…). Along with New Age comes REAL God, ULTIMATE freedom and UNLIMITED love; and that translates into world peace, tolerance, development, evolution, health, understanding, knowledge, cooperation, happiness, wisdom, technology, self-control, joy, pleasure, smiles, hugs, life, connection with the Universe, deeper connection with humans, new human skills, advanced known skills, and much more!
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Universe´s Hardware

As technology grows, hardware gets cheaper, simpler and smaller everyday; while software gets bigger, complicated and more expensive... Now... IF the Universe is software (just a bunch of data and ideas), since it is huge and complex, then it´s hardware must be a little-almost invisible thing... Where is it?
There are two possible answers...
1- Somewhere beyond our reach. Imagine a sim trying to find the CPU, the hard disk and the motherboard...
2- In our brains... After all, our neurons are the ones which process all this Universe... Of course, in this case a recursive paradox appears, since the neurons are part of the Universe :)
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Writer's Block: Change It Up

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be and why? Is there any change you've made in the past that you now wish you hadn't?

All changes are great! I don't regret any changes because the ones you don't like serve for LEARNING :) However, I wish I didn't flush so often, although I keep control of myself, it's still awkward to turn red in front of people :(
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God is a sinner!

Pues he llegado a la conclusión de que Dios es el más pecador de entre todos los seres inteligentes conocidos. Claro: "...a su imagen y semejanza...", ¿qué otra cosa se podía esperar?
Glotonería: Dios se pasa todo el Antiguo Testamento hablando de los sacrificios que hay hacer en su honor, ¿quién sabe cuántos bueyes y corderos se ha zampado Jehová con su glotonería? Además la glotonería de Nuestro Padre es de una naturaleza especial, porque nosotros como seres humanos no sabríamos decir en donde termina la necesidad de alimentación y dónde comienza la glotonería; pero Dios es inmenso y todopoderoso. Vaya, que en realidad no le hace falta comerse ni una papa frita, así que cualquier alimento clasifica como glotonería y pecado capital.
Ocio: Dios hizo el mundo y todo lo que habita en él en 7 días. ¡Tío! ¡Que tu poder es infinito! ¡Podrías haberlo hecho en unos pocos femtosegundos! Y encima te pusiste a descansar el día séptimo. ¿Descansar por qué? ¿Estabas cansado? No lo creo, quién ha visto a un ser todopoderoso "cansado" como un simple humano. Más bien creo que eres un vago. Además, te has vuelto más vago con el tiempo porque el fin de los tiempos lo estás anunciando hace milenios y aún "no estás pa eso". Y cuando viste que era muy complicado estar atendiendo a tanta gente rezando y pecando pues hiciste a Jesús Cristo para que te remplazara. Eso no tiene otro nombre: Ocio.
Ira: Este no hay ni qué explicarlo. Yahweh es al tipo que más fácil se le suben los humos. Si atiendes otros dioses en vez de a él te lanza plagas y terremotos. Si construyes una torre muy grande te la rompe con un rayo, los mata a todos los constructores y te parte el idioma en 7777 dialectos. Si vivías en la antigüedad cerca de Israel te tumbaba las murallas con trompetas. ¡Es que él mismo se ha dado cuenta de que tiene problemas de carácter! ¡Una vez por poco destruye a toda la humanidad con una inundación! Por suerte se confesó con Noé "Noé, creo que esta vez me he pasado un poco, mira déjame hacer un arco iris que fue el consejo del psicólogo para controlarme la próxima vez".
Envidia: "¿Por qué estás adorando a los dioses egipcios? ¡No! Adórame a mí, solo a mí. A los dioses moabitas tampoco, ni a los elamitas, ni a los de Babilonia. Solo a mí. Los quiero a todos para mí. Los sacrificios de bueyes y corderos que sean para mí, no para ellos. Las leyes que sean las mías. ¿Cómo es eso de que Horus revivió el tercer día? Me gusta eso, yo también quiero tener esa historia, déjame crear a Jesús Cristo. Así que los sumerios dicen que el ser humano fue creado con arcilla, me cuadra eso, yo también quiero crear a los humanos así. ¡Mira que interesante está esa teoría del budismo de la negación de todo lo material y de los deseos, etc! Se lo voy a contar a mi chama para que nosotros también tengamos eso. ¡Israel, Babilonia, Nínive! ¡Qué grandes están! ¡Cuánto dinero tienen! ¡Cómo han progresado! No me gusta, solo yo puedo tener todo eso, las voy a destruir."
Soberbia: ¡Bah! Este es el más fácil de todos. Si es que El Yavi La Voz es el tipo más creído que ha parido madre. Él dice que es todopoderoso, omnipresente, que lo sabe todo: el pasado, el presente y el futuro. Su camino es el único que está bien. Él es divino y completo. El Leviatán y el Behemoth son bobería para su súper poder. Y además no se equivoca porque es perfecto.
Avaricia: Este se deduce de todo lo anterior. Para él, todos los sacrificios, todos los pensamientos, todas las ciudades, toda la humanidad, toda la fe, etc.
Lujuria: Yavé el Pervertido. ¿Cómo creó Dios a los humanos? Completamente desnudos, a los dos, a Adán y a Eva, "a su imagen y semejanza". No solo eso, sino que el único momento en que Dios anduvo junto a los humanos fue cuando estaban en el Edén. ¿Qué, cuándo Adán y Eva decidieron que no les gustaba andar en cueros ya no te gustó estar tan cerca de los humanos? ¡Pervertido! ¿Y cómo es eso de que eres omnipresente? ¿Quiere decir eso que estás viendo a todos los seres humanos en TODO MOMENTO haciendo LO QUE SEA? ¡Pervertido! Ah, y el colmo: Yavé dejó encinta a María, una de sus hijas (todos somos hijos de Dios), esposa de José, virgen además. ¡Incesto, adulterio y corrupción de santas con un solo acto! ¡Pervertido!
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The Zombies are here!

I was reading this the other day:
Zombies have become very popular over time. We have the Resident Evil movies (and many others, very similar), games, conspiracy theories (CDC taking measures to fight a possible "zombie-stituation"), etc. Now, let´s take a close look to this subject:
What are zombies? Beings who:
- Do only one thing: walk straight and eat what they have in front.
- Wander at night, sun light is... Uncomfortable...
- Treat other zombies like equals (they don´t eat zombies, for instance) and try to turn everyone else into zombies.
- Move REALLY slow...
- Are always in a BIG group. Is rare to find one alone.
- Can´t barely speak their own names, country, or anything. They are dumb, mindless. They don´t think or feel.

Now, let´s take a look at humanity. Modern humans are beings that:
- Do only one thing: have sex, eat, follow the government laws, watch television and work... (all right, is not just ONE thing, but you get the idea :)
- Have fun at night. Daylight is everyday more... Uncomfortable. People spend most of their lives in night dancing or movies or whatever...
- Tend to exclude other humans who don´t "act like humans". That is, the lonely, the one with radical thoughts, he who thinks about the Earth, she who prefers to eat fish instead of chocolate... They are all considered "sick", and either they are excluded or... "Healed".
- Move as little as possible: cars, PCs, robots...
- Spend little time alone, thinking about life, about their perceptions, about what they REALLY want; instead, they are always in groups, acting in correspondence to the group´s behaviors and ideas, following the masses, etc....
- Are SOOO easily manipulated! You can put on the television "Muslims are bad, terrorists, kill them all" or "cats are bad, they transmit AIDS through physical contact" and... Most people would believe it...

So, in conclusion: Earth is covered by zombies. The new species is here since a long time. Not only that: it´s evolving! We are "more zombie" everyday!
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Heaven or Hell? / ¿Paraíso o Infierno?

Wow wow wow… Hold on a second…
Heaven is supposed to be the greatest things ever. If you do everything right then you are given the present of living in that place for eternity… So, let´s take a look at the evidence.
There have been a lot of stories about “beings” having the tendency to leave Heaven. Typical example: Lucifer, but there are others: they are called Fallen Angels. Now, if Heaven is so good, why are there so many people who have left Heaven?
In fact, Heaven looks like a dictatorship to me. The Bible says it´s great, it paints it with glowing colors but informs of no defects (not a single one); it doesn´t say anything about why angels “fall” either… Hmmmm… Dirty business…
Moreover: when was the last time there were elections in Heaven? God has been in charge of that place for… 1, 2, 3… He´s been ruling forever!!!
Hmmmm… Dirty business… Dirty business indeed…

Ehhhh… Espera un segundo…
El Paraíso se supone que sea una de las mejores cosas del mundo. Si te comportas correctamente entonces se te concede el regalo de vivir ahí eternamente… Pero, veamos la evidencia…
Hay un montón de historias acerca de seres que tienen la tendencia de irse del Paraíso. Ejemplo típico: Lucifer, pero hay otros: los llaman Ángeles Caídos. Ahora, si el Paraíso es tan genial, ¿por qué hay tanta gente que se va de ahí?
De hecho, el Paraíso me suena a una dictadura. La Biblia dice que es genial, lo pinta con colores brillantes pero no nos cuenta que tenga ni un solo defecto; y no dice nada de por qué los ángeles “se caen” tampoco… Hmmmm… Ahí hay algo raro…
Además: ¿cuándo fue la última vez que hubo elecciones en el Paraíso? Dios ha estado a cargo de ese lugar durante… 1, 2, 3… Ha estado gobernando desde siempre!!!
Hmmm.… Qué va… Ahí hay algo raro…
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Writer's Block: Back to the Future

Given the choice of time travel, would you go back in time or forward?

Backward! Always backward. To rectify all the things I´ve done wrong. I mean, if I go backwards I can be young again but with all life experiences I´ve gathered right? Otherwise, I gain nothing, so I would prefer going forward when people are immortals and everyone live in ultra-realistic virtual worlds.
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Ciencia Arrogante/Arrogant Science

¿Y si, finalmente, la ciencia resulta incapaz de descubrir este mundo completamente? ¿Y si la programación del Universo dicta que hay áreas que solo pueden ser alcanzadas por la imaginación o la religión? ¿Y si surge una nueva disciplina con el mismo fin que la ciencia pero con diferentes medios? La ciencia tendría que tragarse su soberbia...

What if, in the end, science ends up being useless to find out all the mysteries of this world? What if the Universe is programmed to have some chunks which can only be discovered through imagination or religion? What if a new discipline pops up with the same objective of science but with different mediums? Science would have to swallow all its pride...
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Writer's Block: Opposite Day

Who or what is your opposite?

wow wow wow...
This question is cool. My avatar is yin yang. Opposites are attracted by a mystic force. My opposite is a person which shares my ideas and feelings but behaves completely different to me. She (it has to be a girl for the "opposition" to be full) is talkative, crazy, extroverted, fire, red, dances, nervous.